Hello Everyone,
I'm new to using pedals. I've been playing acoustic guitar for years and occasionally I would play electric guitar and use my Boss GT-100 multi effects processor. Anyway, I'm building a small pedal board.
My current pedals are:
-TC Electronic Flashback Delay Pedal
-EHX Micro POG
-Source Audio Programmable EQ.
I am also getting a ZVEX Fuzz Factory, EHX Cathedral and possibly a chorus pedal.
Now, as I said, I'm really new to the world of pedals and I need all the help I can get. So how do I put everything together? Do the pedals need to be in a certain order to sound right? What else do I need to know about using pedals?
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Anyway to answer your questions:
There is no definite way to put your pedals although there is ways that make more sense and are more common. Dirt pedals (i.e. overdrives, distortions and fuzzes) should be placed first in your chain. Next should be modulation effects such as chorus, flanger, phaser and pitch shifting effects, in your case the EH Micro POG. Lastly time based effects such as delays and reverb should be placed at the end of your chain.

The EQ is a bit different, some people place it first in the chain, after dirt or even in the effects loop. If your amp has an effects loop you may also want to experiment with placing time based effects in there if you are using the amp's distortion.

Hope this helps.

Also for putting your pedals together, this may sound obvious but you use small patch cables to connect each pedal to each other and you use a power supply to power all the pedals. The delay, pog and eq will drain batteries very fast.
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you can buy a ready made pedalboard (pedaltrain for instance) or just take some wood and make your own board, cause the readymade ones tend to be pretty expensive. Put some velcro on your own board and the underside of the pedals and whenever you would want to switch some around (like R_Gallagher_Fan said, there is no fixed way to put your pedals) it is easy as the pedals are not stuck in one place, its easy to experiment and switch them around.

As for power, it would be best to get a power supply because if you're wanting to work with batteries, you'll need a lot of them. There are numerous options for power supplies, the cheapest (and still decent) option is to take a 9volt adapter and a daisy chain,
good luck and have fun!