Hi,just picked up guitar at age 61, and i could use a bit of help here. If i play a two bar intro, does it count as part of the 12 bar and just play the other ten or do i still play the full twelve. And on what note should i finish the intro? (Assuming a I IV V progression in G) thanks
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The extra first two bars would be the end of the previous 12-bar section, so they wouldn't count. If you started with the V, maybe going up to it with a chromatic approach, then went back to start the 12-bar bit with the I, it should sound good. Hope that helps a bit!
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In all the 12 bar blues that I know they repeat the 12 bars over and over. The songs start on bar one and continue until bar 12 then repeat.

Of course there is no rule. You could definitely add a two bar intro. I V or I IV or some such variation would probably work well enough. Maybe even I bVII. Or maybe I V - IV I over two bars...the possibilities are pretty broad as to what you could do and there is a lot of freedom.

Most of the 12bar blues numbers I know start straight into the 12bar blues from bar 1.
Typically, if a song has a two bar intro, you would play the two bars and then start the 12 bar form. These two bars would act as the last two bars of a 12 bar. However, if you have a 4 bar intro, it is common to count those as the first four bars of the form (or the I chord), so you would come in on the IV.
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