Hey all, I am in need of drum software for home recording. I have been looking, but I'm not entirely sure what I'm exactly looking for, to be honest. I just need something that I can customize (loops aren't working for me anymore), change the sound, add fills, etc. I know this stuff exists but I haven't any idea what it's called or where to look for it. Also, the cheaper the better! Thanks folks!
I use EZDrummer, but everyone else tells me Superior Drummer and Steven Slate drums are better. Ask in the Recording subforum for some better responses, this is more of a music theory part of the forum, whereas they're more software/ hardware oriented
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If you want a different option than purely using drum software, you should try Guitar Pro, a recording program, and VSTs. I find this easier since I write all my own songs in Guitar Pro anyway.

You write out the drum track in Guitar Pro, export the file as a MIDI, import it into your recording program (I use Reaper), and find a drum VST that you like.
I use superior drummer. Its a bit on the expensive side, but it sounds amazing and you can pretty much customize it how ever you want. You can also get external producer packs and samples from metal kits, jazz kits, etc.
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I use EZdrummer with the drumkit from hell expansion as drum software.

I make my drum parts in Guitar pro 6, export it as midi, and open it with EZdrummer. Do a bit of tweaking with the EQ and you got a great drum sound.
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EZDrummer is great, there's lots of cool addon packs for whichever style you're interested in. I use the funk and jazz packs, as well as the drumkit from hell pack. Stylus RMX is great for electronic beats too.
thanks for the suggestions. i'll ask in the recording section, but this seems to be more than enough options to look into for now.
Im gonna close this thread. Looks like you have a few things to check out and should really go over to the recording forum. - P.S. I use Superior Drummer and it sounds good.