the other day i got the snark black sn 1 guitar tuner from guitar center
for 30 dollars, i just found it on line. and i called gutiar center to see if they will take it back he said yes, thne i told him i found it online for half the money
same model number sn1 but its blue. he said its not made as well as the black one
so he is saying its junk i think he is lieing to me, iam i right
I don't know about that kind of Tuner, but it could be the more expensive one is a chromatic tuner, while the cheaper one will only tune to EADGBe. A chromatic tuner will recognise any note and tell you whether it's sharp or flat, while a simpler tuner will only recognise standard tuning. A chromatic tuner is a better investment, especially down the line, if you start playing with different tunings.
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They are virtually the same, but all of the snarks are about 12 bucks if you buy them online, find the one you like and get it online.
Thanks all, I sent snark an email they hold me the black sn1 in black is exculese to guitar center.
And the blue one is the same unit just blue