I'm gonna define these as the new lighter-weight neo-based cabinets like those coming from Barefacedbass (dot com), greenboy (fEARful and fEARless), etc.

Most of these are NOT 3/4" birch ply cabinets, most do NOT come from well-known manufacturers, most are NOT the usual 4x10s or lonely 1x15s that you see in the stores.

I'm seeing a lot of well-developed bracing schemes supporting boxes that are lighter and far more portable and that have interesting form factors. These cabinets are often using Faital, Eminence Kappalite and 18Sound speakers capable of handling HUGE power.

For example, the F115 fEARless has a 15" Eminence Kappalite 3015LF low frequency driver, a Faital or 18Sound 5" or 6" mids driver and a tweeter (JBL?). done in Okuome, this cabinet will weigh in at 43-45 pounds. It has a form factor that will allow you to tilt it back like a monitor (or play it vertically or horizontally in a very normal way) and you can even put it up on a stand.

Better, you can run 900W into this sucker, produce some drummer-numbing bass (without farting out) and put a 6x10 on the trailer.