So I got this vintage, late 70's Ampeg VT-22 a few months back and loved it. Started getting a lot of scratchy static in the sound so I let my drummer's dad check it out (Mostly because he broke it while drunk at our show). Replaced a LOT of electronics and suggested getting new speakers as the sound goes in and out after 3 minutes of playing. I'm not sure what to look for as I've never done this. Both speakers are 12", and I don't want to spend more than like $300 for both.
The amp was fixed but goes in and out because of the speaker?

I highly doubt the speaker is the culprit, I would be willing to bet there is something electrical going on in the amp or a tube problem

Have you replaced the tubes at all?
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Quote by Robbgnarly

Have you replaced the tubes at all?

I think the original tubes are in there. When I got it fixed, a lot of the electronics were replaced. He tested the tubes and said they were all good. He said the "Coiling" in one speaker was going bad and that the other one would probably go soon too so it was a good idea to replace both.