Okay guys, So I recently was handed a broken to pieces squier affinity tele, it was missing a bridge pickup, a bridge, and the jack. How ever I was also handed a seymour duncan HB 102, so obviously I can't miss this opportunity to hot rod this thing and make it a sweet rock machine. How ever I'm a little curious as to what this will entail. All help would be appreciated, my thoughts are that I will route out the bridge slot to fit a humbucker, I would then put on a new bridge, I was thinking one of the vintage tele bridges without the "ash tray" part. I found one on line for about 30 bucks. Then I would put in a new jack, which shouldn't be too difficult. I may as well replace the pots and the switch as well while I'm there. I'm not too sure, but I assume the ones in it are garbage. But how do I mount this humbucker in there? This is the part I have no clue on. I've changed single coil pickups before, but never single to humbucker. I also might put a P-90 in the neck, because why not? If anybody can give me any tips or pointers, I would appreciate it, I'll update with pictures and things along the way. Bye for now!