When I look into your eyes
All my fear, it quickly dies
I am tellin' you no lies
Baby, you're my greatest prize

Wouldn't trade you for any other
There's so much more to uncover
In my swollen heart, you'll smother
Baby, you're the greatest lover

All the times you've been deceived
Honey, you can best believe
I'll try my best to give reprieve
From this hell I'll help you leave

Every time I see your face
It's like I'm in a better place
Sanctuary in your grace
Your loving arms I do embrace

With heroin, your lips are laced
Cause' I was hooked on the first taste
Hurry hun, lets make some haste
We haven't got much time to waste

Your beauty transcends pristine
Unlike anything I've seen
Even when you think you're mean
I still see your soul is clean

Through the patches, so rough
When your times were more then tough
When you thought you had enough
You still opened up to love

Don't worry babe, I'll never stray
Nor let things get in the way
I see no reason to betray
I wanna spend forever with you, if I may

You are just like shining gold
Just one glance, my heart was sold
Such happiness, so untold
A new life before us, to unfold

When you're away, you'll be missed
From that moment we first kissed
Can't fight a feeling quite like this
Why even try, for it is bliss

It's like a spell that I'm under
You make my heart beat like thunder
My love, it's no wonder
That all the other guys want ya'
But I am yours, and you are mine
Together our souls will intertwine
I am yours
And you are mine
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Great potential and this reminds me much of my original poetry. My advice to you is to start writing poems without precise rhyme and structure or start focusing on syllable manipulation. Try looking up poetic styles of your favorite poets. Look up the type of style Dr. Seuss typically uses or Robert Frost and try to practice those styles a bit. Post them on here! You are on my radar! Keep On Writing!