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Hello all
I just bought a slide and I am looking for a few good songs to play with a slide.
I know about Free Bird, but that's about it. Any Suggestions?
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Motley Crüe has good slide stuff. Check out Primal Scream, Hooligan's Holiday, and Misunderstood (the last two don't have slide all the way through but they have slide solos.

Also, the Rolling stones - midnight rambler, no expectations, rough justice, and many others.

Also slow ride (foghat).

I'm convinced the riff to Diamond Dogs by David Bowie uses slide.

Grateful Dead have some slide stuff, for example Cosmic Charlie.

Guns n' Roses - bad obsession
slash - beggars and hangers on

Toadies - we burned the city down (again, you have to wait for it)

Those are some good ones. Have fun with the slide, I love the sound of it, it always stands out, especially these days.
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Samuel L. Jackson - Black Snake Moan
White Zombie - More Human Than Human
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