I've been playing for almost 3 years and at the beginning of this year, i was going through some stuff and wasnt able to pick up the guitar for about 6 months. Now, I'm back but I really suck. I cant even play one song. I started taking lessons about a month ago, but the guy didnt teach me shit, so i quit. i cant find a single teacher around here who actually knows what he's talking about, so i decided to teach myself. I remember within 6 months of playing guitar, I learned so fast that i was playing randy rhoads licks! now i dont know shit and im really stiff. I'm into metal/post hardcore stuff, so I'd like some good exercises for sweeps, tremeolo & economy picking, palm muted gallop, and just scales and stuff in general. Can someone please help me out here? Thanks
Check the stickys(?) in this forum for some excercises.
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Why not use some songs you like? Just slow them down until you can play them and work from there.
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Yeah just learn some riffs and songs of bands that you like, and to make it more useful transcribe the riffs yourself, rather than using tab