I've been playing acoustic for about 4 years now; I really enjoy playing moderately-fast picking songs (e.g. Simon & Garfunkle - The Boxer).

Recently, I've become determined to learn Lindsey Buckingham's Never Going Back Again. I remember trying to learn this one a couple years ago and quickly giving up on it - I now remember why. To play the song at the necessary tempo, it's forcing me to use ring finger for picking (mostly double picking with thumb or index). I'm pretty happy with my picking speed using three-finger banjo kinda technique, but as soon as I throw the ring and/or pinkie finger in there, the speed slows to a crawl.

Forgive me if this question has been beat to death (new here to the forums); anyone have any suggestions on increasing ring finger agility/coordination?
According to classical tradition, you're not supposed to use the pinky anyway. Thumb covers E-6, A-5, & D-4. Then G-3 = index, B-2 = Middle, e-1 = ring.

Which is not to say Lindsey Buckingham does it that way. But overall, it sounds like the answer is, "practice (more)".
Just be patient, start off slow and get fluency and consistency first before getting faster. Make sure to finger your music and maybe do a few Aaron Sheerer excersizes to strengthen and coordinate he right hand.

Good Luck and be patient
You need to drill it, I just spent 8 hours drilling


In front of the tv the other day and now it's really fluent

Sometimes you gotta drill it in front of the tv to build up the muscle

Then later you work on the song with no tv

You don't have to use tv but I find it helps for mindless drilling
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Going along with the last post, I think that it will really help to use sequential planting. Basically each finger hands off immediately to the next finger so there is never a time when there is a right hand finger on the guitar. As soon as a finger is done playing, make sure to empty out all the tension.

It's as if your fingers are hanging limp in the air, if you push them in towards your palm with the other hand, as soon as you let go the fingers should relax back out. That's the feel you want with any right-hand finger picking pattern. Hope that helps. This is a great tune so it should be fun to practice.