Hey All,

OK, so after a week of negotiating with this guy on Kijiji, I broke down. He was selling a SUNN SL160 1x12 combo in BRILLIANT condition for $200. I thought that this would be a viable alternative to my Sunn Beta Lead for Apartment/Bedroom levels of volume. I love my Beta Lead, but until I get a house or a new apartment without fussy neighbours, there's just no way in hell. Although the whole 'volume box' thing still might be looked at in the future.

So far, it's definitely a cool little amp. Being solid state, I can easily dial in bedroom levels. Don't kid yourself, though. This thing can get LOUD! The reverb is nothing special, but that's OK as I have a wicked reverb pedal. The built in distortion is rather weak as well, but I kicked on my RAT and went into mechanical/industrial distortion territory. It's certainly not the Beta Lead, but what is?

BTW plenty of posters have expressed their desire to own a Beta Lead. Look what I found on EBay:


It's got the original speakers with the steel magnets on them as well. The buyer doesn't ship internationally, though.

OK, a few questions:

-No footswitch. Anyone out there make a replacement?

-No badge. Anyone out there make a replacement?

-Any ideas for pedals to boost this thing? The RAT is doing a good job so far, but I always want more.

-Major Bludd
BTW plenty of people have told me that I should have looked for a SUNN Alpha 112. I've been told that's more 'Beta Lead' like. But I couldn't find one after a long time searching. If anyone has one in good condition, let me know.
I read on the Sunn forum that channel 2 can only be accessed via footswitch. Right now, both channels (green & red) LED's are on at the same time. I plugged a short 1/4 plug into the footswitch jack and the green light went off, the red one stayed on. Only the volume decreased significantly.

Anyways, I've been looking for a replacement footswitch. This one in particular:


I'm assuming the LED will be blank for the green channel, and red for the red one. Not that the LED really matters, what matters is that it will work.

Am I on the right track at least?

-Major Bludd

I ordered the footswitch and it works perfectly. I can now switch between the Clean (Green) and the Dirt (Red) channels. The distortion on the Dirt channel is weak, as I said. But it loves my ProCo Rat. The Clean channel is where it's REALLY at! This amp has an Effects Loop and my Reverb/Delay/Flanger sound GREAT now! I can do a lot of cool ambient/soundscape stuff.

I also took it in for a bit of servicing. My tech cleaned the control pots (they were dirty and crackling) and he also tweaked the Reverb so it's working at full capacity now. (It still sucks, though)

This amp is perfect for me. It's an awesome little practice amp, but at 60 watts it can certainly be used for jamming/small gigs as well. And it looks cool, too.
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wrong thread maybe?

cool old sunn btw.
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LOL yes wrong thread. Sorry about that. All fixed now.

I seriously love this amp. It blows my Night Train out of the water. And it's LOUD when I need it to be. I just need a badge for it.
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