Hahaha I wish I had a Sunn amp, it is all done through POD HD.
I will give your's a listen right now! Thanks for the feedback
Thanks for the feedback!

Great guitar and drum tones and for the most part very good mixing, the snare volume does get quite inconsistent during the second half of the song though. I was going to say it could have done with more bass but then the bass kicked in just as I was about to say it lol. Songwise some good riff ideas but could have been condensed a little, also I'm not really sure the rapid-fire double bass section at the end was really necessary, felt out of place imo.
Wooow! I can see why CF_Mono thought you use Sunn! Enormous guitar tone with f****** awesome low end. Very psychedelic intro, works very well before the "real" song. Not a big fan of the second guitar from 01:20 to 02:30, then it gets a lot cooler though. The part from 03:43 to 04:24 is really incredibly heavy. I agree with Innercelph, get rid of that double bass at the end and leave it to the black metal guys Not that it couldn't work as a pure black doom with the suitable vocals. Good mixing too, maybe the drums at the end are too loud.

Great work!

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