the new phil anselmo record "walk through exits only"

what are your thoughts?
heres mine...

i think that blabbermouth.net is kind of turning into a rock scene onto itself. this album seems like it goes with it---computer stoner party music--that was kind of a reflection on goings on at blabbermouth.

anyways....the first song that really sticks out is "betrayed" and he's yelling out "revolt! REvolt!""---that really gave me the chills----and i started looking at the album more like a pantera level----it is the "REAL" SHIT
well the last song is what i really wanted to talk about----its like jamming awesome----and the guitarist is a good friend/influenced friend of dime---and the riffs have a kind of familiarity

but then it starts a bunch of guitar breaks and solos---of course theyre awesome---but then they start to "disconnect"--and new abstract super dark plutonium soundscapes start to surround these "dime riffs"

this kind of music didnt basically exist when dime was alive----and then the guitar starts to seem "eerie"----and they start ****ing with it in the mix

it kind of starts seeming like a weird memory---of kind of how phil remembers and feels about dime

it starts sounding like "actually" psycho----like strange painful/distorted memories of dime---coming out in weird "dimelike" riffs----but they almost seem like mocking and fake--and not real

then it sounds like a cold stormy purple ocean--on the farthest loneliest planet in the world---phil remembering dime---dark and super stoned---to the limit--with little dime echoes---fading

now older and a king---his soundscapes are undeniable limitless dreams---of someone who "IS" rocknroll

in 2097

alone and unheard --gods of the furthest darkness
Honestly it's too pretentious.
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