Situation is simple, Iv'e been practicing long enough and have developed my own style of playing. I Do guitar work, like make it sound like it breathing. I play a modern style in its own field. I do great lead work and develop some catchy rhythm tunes. Usually the stuff I write has two solos and ive been working harmonics in some songs.

For my music I NEED!:
-A awesome bass player who can make cool bass lines and riffs
-A drummer who uses a sound of bass like kick pedals as well as loud, moving symbol crashes
-A female vocalist, to be honest.. I can't relate the sound I think works with any existing singers, only really needs to sing but if you can play drums, bass or guitar I guess thats a bonus

-I don't really need a rhythm guitarist because I do stuff like that

Iv'e got material for about 20 songs, most sound cool.

If you want to hear any of my style, just ask and when I have time I'll try and do a recording
Hi, What are your influences ??? you didnt mention genre ect....We all are unique within our style but im curious as to what you have been practicing...have you composed drums/bass ect ??? im sorry but you havn't advertised as anything less than just another guitarist with some riffage to offer....please be more precise with what you are asking...this may help you with more responces in the future...