I am debating on whether to add a capacitor to my RG350 volume pot to create the 'volume bleed' effect on my guitar and am wondering whether the capacitor will make my guitar more bright when rolled all the way up. My bridge pickup just isn't getting the 'zing' I would like it to have and if the cap won't give it any extra treble, I don't even see the point in adding it. I play Extreme Metal, if that helps any. (Please don't just tell me I need EMGs. Schuldiner didn't use them.)
The treble bleed mod is for retaining highs when the volume is rolled down low. With the volume all the way up the cap would be shorted out and have no effect.
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Boosting freqs requires active circuitry. Or you could cut all the freqs except the ones you want to accentuate. While neither of these options are that difficult the better solution would probably be a new pickup.