Hey all. I was just wondering if you guys know where I can get free/inexpensive drum software. I'm foraying into recording some of my own stuff and I'm not sure exactly what I'm missing or what I need to get the percussion aspect going. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
I have been rather happy with Hydrogen. It's extremely simple to use, but offers a lot of tweaking options, everything from velocity to humanization in timing, some effects, it's easy to change measures or time signatures, and structure songs with it... all you need are good drum samples and a good eq and you can make most beats sound very good if you're not going to get into any major production techniques like side-chaining or drops or having textural patterns or w/e.
Acoustica's Beatcraft is probably the cheapest. It also sounds pretty good for basic recording.
If you have the money to go for anything from Toontrack I would recommend that.
Reason's drum software is a little harder to get good acoustic sounds out of in my opinion but it is probably the most diverse, sound wise.

Youtube will show you how to use all of these.