I have asked a similar question before but I am going to update and rephrase the situation. I am in a band that is basically a Metallica cover band. I like some Metallica but it is not really the music that I enjoy personally. Soon we are going to be writing and I just want us to be able to find a new idea or sound that could give us an identity, if that makes sense. My fellow guitarist doesn't care about any music unless it matches his criteria and further he denies any songs we suggest. I like being in a band though and they are my friends but I feel like I am not playing what I feel inside you know. I am getting tired of the same old songs and don't really know what to do.

Any suggestions

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You're a Metallica cover band! Hire a psychologist!

Ok well maybe not. What I mean to say is that you're a Metallica cover band, I have no idea why you are talking about writing and playing original songs. Perhaps that's the issue, the other guys joined a Metallica cover band, and you want to write original music instead. It's simply not the band for you to do that in.

As for the guitarist refusing songs, there should only be one criteria, which is "Is it written by Metallica?". If he refuses any song by them (if you have covered all the big hits already) it's obviously not the band for him either.

In the case that you aren't a Metallica cover band, talk to the guitarist about writing some songs together, or for him to offer some original stuff and work on that. If he doesn't like those ideas fire him or quit.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Well, really we are not specifically a Metallica cover band. It is just as soon as we try to decide on our next song he always picks a Metallica song. When I chose to jam with them it seemed like a better idea but I didn't know that he would want so much control. We do all of the songs he likes and knows how to play and none of mine...at all. I am not sure if he is just worried about not playing his familiar songs, but I am not a metal guitarist and I am trying to do the best I can.
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That is probably for the best. Sometimes when I go to jam with them I miss a few parts because I spend most of my time during the week looking at/practicing my music and just go over the song a bit prior to jamming. I wish he was easier to work with maybe its not the right band.

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