Hey guys so im just playing around with some chords and iv come up with G major barre A major barre F major barre and ten C major barre. And i like the sound of going from the C to an Em7 and i found out coz its G's relative minor.

Iv been playing around with it for a while but im not sure if i should stay in the minor or mix it up with major chords. Basically I'm just wondering what chords go with Em7? Or what chords YOU like to go with it

Any help is greatly appreciated! Cheers!
Just find a scale you like in which Em7 is, and then it's up to you what chords to use, depending on what you want to obtain.

A couple examples coud be C - Em7 - G and Bm - C-5 - Em7, respectively in the key of C/a and D/b
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