My spider valve 112 seems to make a clicking/ticking sound. What could it be?
More info needed.

When does it do it? What kind of clicking? On any specific setting? Have you changed the valves? Tested guitar/cable/pedals?
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Seems to happen when i hit the strings on the guitar. The tubes have been in the amp, since i bought it used. On the metal settings
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Make a recording so we can hear what's going on. This is incredibly vague.
Is it some weird noise gate issue?
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My Marshall JTM30 also used to do that just give your amp to a guitar store and ask to service it!
Too much shredding. Sorry, there's no cure.

Jokes aside, have you got a spare pre amp valve? Try switching it round with the old one/ones (can't make out if it's got a full valve pre amp, but that'd be a bit odd since it's a modeller. My knowledge is limited, though).

If that doesn't help, take it to a tech. Either there's something going on with the fiddly part of the amp, where you shouldn't put your fingers, or it's the power valves, which, if the amp requires re-biasing, you shouldn't do yourself. This since you don't seem too knowledgeable around amps, and they can release lethal shocks even after you've unplugged them.
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Try tapping on the tubes when the amp is on. If you hear the same pop it's probably a poor contact. It happens.

Pull the tubes out and clean the pins(deoxit), then install them and work them around in a circular motion.

Past that if it still makes the pop from the tube / socket the contacts either need to get bent back in or replaced.

Never mess with a tube socket with the amp on or while still plugged in... Lethal voltages are present. Never spray contact cleaner in the socket...

And most of the popping comes from the power tube socket connections. It also could be a bad tube as well. Hopefully you have spares.
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