Wasn't sure where to put this thread but my band recently got a Rythm guitarist and I'm playing lead , I have a line 6 spider IV 150 stack and he has a egnator something I know it's a 65watt head with a 212 cab, and he is louder than me and cuts through the mid so much more I don't know how to solve this no matter how loud I turn my amp up he still seems to cut through more :/ , do I need to upgrade to a tube amp or is tere a simple EQ issue , and help would be aprciated
I'd suggest replacing the Spider if you can. At the very least though you need to crank dem mids! He'll always overpower your tone if you have no mids. He's (probably) using an Egnater Renegade, and they can be quite middy.
Yeah you need to get a new amp in reality. You can get some really nice heads used for cheap. Ideally you will want a new cab, but the spider cab will work if you just get a new head.

What settings are you using?
You need lots of mids to cut through the mix.
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first off, im not trying to start a wattage debate here, but i will still argue at 65 watts his rig has more muscle. high quality tube amp is king.

secondly, the egnater has real speakers in it, not el cheapo ones. they are most likely 2-3 DB louder, so even at 2x your wattage, he is still coming out equal or on top just by his speakers alone, not even his amp.

thirdly, the spiders have no presence. they lack mids they just sound bad. cleans are acceptable, but for anything other than clean its pure ear bleeding horridness. the egnater will cut through regardless.

i hate to sound like a condescending *ss, but i own a spider and an egnater, so i feel like i have a basis for comparison. spiders are not good. i think 199999999 people in here can confirm that. you are comparing a scion to a ferrari.

everything i would normally recommend like a good OD would be better for a tube amp (what are you going to overdrive in a solid state?) and putting an EQ in the effects loop, but your amp doesnt have one, does it?

...man, you gotta gets a new amp. your bringing a knife to a gun fight.
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What you need is a new amp.
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Quote by ikey_
you are comparing a scion to a ferrari.

I don't quite agree though, cause the Scion will get you from point A to point B while the Line 6 will leave mired in the mud

For starters try to eq more mids.

Try to use a drier, less effected patches.
Since you have several models to choose from, try something more middy.

Less distortion is better.
I am thinking you might be on one of the Mesa emulations that doesn't have as much punch as say one of the Marshall or AC30 emulations.

Less fx is usually better.
The more delay and reverb you put on top of your rhythm tracks, the more punch it is going to take out of the tone.

Eqing around the other guy might also be something that you can do - think of if he has a punch in the mids, you go with a smiley curve eq filling in the lows and highs instead.

Since this is a modeling amp maybe you can use the software control settings to change your eq curve and fine tune things via the usb (not sure if this one does it, last Line 6 I had was POD2). Have the other guy sit in the room with you and work it out together, write down settings on his amp for easy replication in live setting.

Changing speakers might also help some but changing the whole thing will probably be the best bet. As far as solid state/modeling rigs I've heard that can equal or stay on level with tube amps I'd have to say it is Ampeq and Randall.
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new amp and mids, mids, oh and mids.
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