Awww yeah,

It's been a long time since I've made an NGD. I have guitars coming and going every few weeks so I generally don't bother. But this one I have to share.

For those who may not know them, Skervesen are a company that makes custom guitars from Poland! I believe one or more of the guys there has previously worked at Mayones for many years. So back in January this year I ordered this guy whom I have dubbed the

Skervesen "Eagle Owl"

as the colours, shape, inlay, etc are inspired by an eagle owl (an animal which I think is awesome )

So, bored of reading already? Fair enough...

It should be noted that these pics really don't do the guitar justice. They were taken with my phone in a dimly lit room cause I spend my money on guitars and not photography equipment!

Body shape is called Chocolate (delicious) although I requested the headstock from a different one of their models - the raptor. The regular Chocolate headstock is a more square/ 3:3 layout (or 4:3 for a seven I guess) for the tuners.

Absolutely incredible grain on these woods. The body is a chunky piece of swamp ash, the top I'm not even sure but it's a burl something. The fretboard is a lightly grained piece of birdseye maple (which is exactly what I asked for, they did a fantastic job choosing it).

The neck is a 5pc construction. The darker wood is rosewood, with small maple fillets. And it looks like a delicious piece of cake. OR maybe that's just me ... ?

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I'm very quickly going to forget the rest of the specs. But the tuners are something fancy, they respond quite nicely.

This is probably one of the weirder (and more wonderful imo) parts of the guitar. This fancy inlay is an owl swooping forwards, set against the moon. The material is some custom mix of resin and graphite or something like that! Looks like some crazy black pearloid though.

Tuning is just standard for a 7! I think the only issue I have with the guitar is my choice in string guage. Since ordering the guitar ~8 months ago I've started using heavier guage strings so the ones on there now are a little bit light - especially the low B. The scale is 26.5" which doesn't feel too much different but I have noticed a few times that my reach is diminished. Just a matter of getting used to it though.

That second photo is my attempt to show just how thin the head stock is. It's nuts!

Other specs: it's a fixed bridge (pretty obvious really). The pickups are Bareknuckles - War Pig in the bridge and a Crawler in the neck. The only controls are a 3-way toggle and a volume knob, keeping it simple. The frets are stainless steel. And fretboard radius is something like 22" I think - it's basically dead flat.

A brief review

Hard to make any hard judgements as of yet. I only got this guitar this afternoon and I've only had about an hour to mess around with it early this evening. But initial thoughts are that it is awesome! Freshly shipped from Poland and it was still set up pretty damn well (only the low B was a bit out of tune) and the action is crazy low.

The scale length and the extra string is taking me a bit to get used to - it's been maybe 2-3 months since I last owned a 7 string. But it's great fun to play.

The pickups seem pretty good to me. In all fairness I was only playing at a low volume through my little Roland Cube so I can't really comment on the tone. But I liked it hah! I think the most noticeable thing for me when playing this guitar is the crazy flat fretboard. It's not a bad thing, but I think I do prefer having a little bit of a curve to the fretboard - or at least on the lower frets for chording, etc. It's great on the higher frets though!

All in all, really wicked guitar. And I think I've written enough so I'll open up the floor to questions and comments now...
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That is a seriously nice guitar, by the looks of it- HNGD!
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Now....I've never wanted to eat a guitar before....BUT SWEET GRAVY PAN OF THE LATE STEELEY DAN THAT LOOKS DELICIOUS

Congrats man, that baby is sick. What did she run ya?
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wow that's awesome
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I don't mean to be weird, OP, but a few days ago this was posted on /mu/.

the thread was archived but I thought I recognized that. One of the guys who works there randomly started a thread and posted some of the customs they made. Eventually revealed it was some swedish company.
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You have a beautiful guitar there! It looks as if there might be a hint of Blackmachine influence. HNGD! Enjoy the hell out of it!
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Sweet baby Jesus, that's hawt.

Join the 7 String Legion!

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damn!!! love it! welcome BACK to the seven string legion though you're a pretty cool guy, so you were never really kicked out or anything

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Damn son. HNGD, that looks gorgeous.

Now go buy a DSLR or Canon Powershot and let us drool over better pr0nz
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Quote by Banjocal
I don't mean to be weird, OP, but a few days ago this was posted on /mu/.

*big pic*

the thread was archived but I thought I recognized that. One of the guys who works there randomly started a thread and posted some of the customs they made. Eventually revealed it was some swedish company.

Hey mate, dunno what to tell you but that's definitely a photo of my guitar, and it was definitely made by Skervesen in Poland!

And thanks everyone for the kind words.

EDIT: My dad is a bit of an amatuer photographer, he has some fancy camera I believe. So at some point I will get him to take some photos of my guitar(s). Don't know when though, I work very long hours to afford this stuff xD
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Kidding. ...maybe.

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Looks awesome!!

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