So Iv'e got my first ever job interview at this bar, and I was wondering do you guys have any advice. What type of questions do they ask and stuff ?
Don't **** up.
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Be confident, make sure you look presentable (dress nicely, go clean shaven, make sure you smell nice), try to predict what kind of questions you will be asked about, and if they ask you a question that you haven't anticipated, don't be afraid to take a second to think about it, because that is better than just rambling a load of bullshit.

Good luck.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
today, all the bullshit is exposed. don't go for textbook answers, be completely honest. just leave out the truth for things that may hinder your application.

dress smart-casual, sit up straight, don't fake your smile (only smile when they do, or you or them have said something good or funny), talk slowly, use hand gestures, don't prepare any answers. if they ask you what you think about sustainable energy and you don't know what that means, ask them to tell you. if they ask you whether you have a girlfriend (which i was asked in my last interview), again, be completely honest.
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Give absolutely zero shits about potential outcomes of the interview. That's what I did, and I was hired on the spot. Also I spent 5 minutes talking with my interviewer about ambient electronica.
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When introduced, compliment your female interviewer on her rack and ass. A playful spank lets her know you'll bring enjoyment to the work environment.
They'll probably ask you why you want to work at their business. I've never had a good answer for this because I've never actually wanted to work at the places that I've worked.
Don't miss an opportunity to talk yourself up and sell yourself as the best candidate.

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Also, when you arrive in the room you must assert your dominance. You can do this like a cat, and rub your body on one of the interviewers' legs or you can do it like a dog and take a long piss on the table leg. Then when you sit down you start asking the interviewers questions. This shows that you are competent, determined, and are willing to take risks.
Make several obvious hints that you're aware of someone else being in the room with you. Talk loudly and to the room and then lean in and whisper reassurance that everything will be fine across the desk.
The best advice would be to know people and get well connected if you're not for the job well......good luck.
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And if you don't like something about one of the interviewer's appearance make sure to call them out on it. They like to be corrected and respond well to criticism.
It's a good idea to have a few drinks before the interview to calm your nerves.
I've interviewed people in the past. You can tell when they're rhyming off from a prepared answer. I'd rather someone was on the right track and speaking for themselves, rather than having a good memory basically.
The one thing the person behind the desk is wondering at any time is whether or not you'll do a good job. Don't say anything that wouldn't be relevant in that regard.

Also, look decent. I've heard of people getting shunned despite 10 years of experience in the very job they were getting interviewed for, because they didn't take time for a shower.
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When you answer questions, talk about how your skills and experience will benefit them, not why having a job there would benefit you.
Whip it out
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show them your avatar.

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Be yourself and for god's sake don't lie.

This, plus dress nice and show confidence in your body language. That's about all the advice we can give you.

Edit: Oh, it's at a bar? Well shit, then dress semi-decent but definitely don't overdress.
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Do something unusual, such as burp.

They'll hire you because they'll see you're a real human.
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Don't worry, I walk around with an Ipad taped to my chest Iron Man style with my avatar on constant loop.

i mean it was would only be honest to let him or her know that you're an immature twat. good luck anyway though
Grab the interviewer by the ears and yell in their face:

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i mean it was would only be honest to let him or her know that you're an immature twat. good luck anyway though

Of course, I have to insure they realize they're hiring someone who is gonna severely **** up their business.
For McDonald's I was asked
What is good customer service
How did I handle a difficult situation
Tell me about yourself

Good customer service is listening to what the customer needs and knowing how to execute any task. The combination of store knowledge and attentive listening will provide excellent customer service all day erryday.

Make up a story since you don't have any job exp.
be like I was at guitar center and there was this douchebag playing sweet child o mine really ****ing loud and wrong. It sounded like absolute shit and I wanted to stab him in the heart with a drumstick. But instead I say down by him and showed him the yoshis island the e song so he had something less obnoxious to play and wasnt offended.

Say some thing like Im taking some classes in college. I'm a self taught instrumentalist. I am into astrophysics. I can fap with both hands and like random bjs in te park.
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I'd rather someone was on the right track and speaking for themselves, rather than having a good memory basically.

Too bad the education system emphasizes the latter.