Hey guys, hope all is well!

My band, Higher Calling just released our new self produced single entitled "Would've Been Enough" you can give it a listen here: https://soundcloud.com/highercallingband/wouldve-been-enough-single

We just recently had the opportunity to play the Alive Christian Music Festival that they have every year at Atwood Lake in Ohio. Our new single should also start getting air play on 95.9 "The Light" in Ohio.

I hope you enjoy it! Also please check out and like our pages if you feel so inclined. Thanks, and God Bless!

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Hey guys, big apologies! I just realized I had uploaded the wrong mix of our single. (I feel like an idiot) Hopefully the new mix sounds a whole lot better! Enjoy! I replaced the link in my original post with the new one.
Hey guys just a quick update, we just heard back from a local radio station here in Ohio (95.9 "The Light") and they are officially going to be playing our new single on the air! We're very excited, I appreciate all your support.
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