I was playing a few riffs I came up with and when I listened to the recording I realized that it doesn't sound clear. I recorded my video with no intent on publishing it to YouTube, but I figured y'all could help me out. YouTube

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I've been playing for under 2 years, so is it just lack of experience?
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sounds like a shitty distortion to me, i don't believe you play a single string tremolo that bad
Try turning the gain down some. Recording almost always calls for less gain than you think you need. Also if you scoop your mids out try adding some of them back in.
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If you want clarity, turn the gain down quite a bit and instead do a double or even triple track and layer them to get the heavyness back but still keep things clear. If you want to create wall of sound (basically what you have in the vid) keep the gain high. Personally I like that, being a black and deathmetal head obviously.

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