Okay, so I'm wanting to do a cover of the song "C'mon Talk" by Jarle Bernhoft. so what I need to know first is which bass strings does he have on his guitar!? The second thing I need to know is how to successfully accomplish putting the bass strings on my guitar. he is playing an EKO Ranger 6 string and I have the 12 string version of that exact guitar he's using if that has to do with anything. So yeah..... any professional help here?�
I'll post the link to the video below http://youtu.be/rxoiZZ8UBEY
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Are you sure you wanna go through with this? For it to tune and play properly you're going to have to majorly modify the nut, making it unplayable with standard strings.

Is there any reason for you to ruin your guitar for a cover?
Not to mention all the tension you'll put on the neck.
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That is almost certainly a custom built guitar.

The best affordable alternative I can think of is to buy an 8 string and tune the 7th and 8th string to A and E respectively.
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Well as of right now I want to know how I would accomplish such a task. I have plenty of guitars and one super cheap Mitchell acoustic that I'm thinking about trying this out with. And if I do this successfully, the cover is just an experiment. I've been wanting to try something similar for a long time, but have never actually seen it done. So if it works out, I'm just a little closer to bringing my music more life. And by no means am I looking to ruin any of my instruments. They are my babies no matter how much they're worth. Just want to give them more versatilities!
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I don't want to sound like an ass, but a basic google search came up with several people who have already done this mod and step by step instructions. ( Bernhoft EKO )

As a side note, Chris Ballew of The Presidents of the United States primarily played a two string guitar strung with an 'A' and 'D' bass string. Modding suggestions along those lines here

Basically you are mounting 2 flatwound bass strings but all of the above comments are going to be issues. Its my understanding that the (late 70's ranger) EKO is used as it is solidly built and resists the bowing to some degree more than a crappy 'my first acoustic' would. Adding the bass strings is going to require modification of the pins on your bridge, a height adjustment on the saddle for the two bass strings, as well as a nut adjustment so the strings fit.

Jarle apparently also has a humbucker mounted internally for the bass strings, and from the video it sounds like he has it eq'd for a bass boost and the treble killed. The tone of the strings though sound like a Kala U-Bass ( Kala Bass Strings ) which is a 21" short scale bass with synthetic strings.
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