Hey guys, I have a problem with my older guitar. When I tune my 6th (E) string and then I play A for example on it, it's about 35cents higher than it should be...The higher the note, the more it is off. When I tune it that the A is in tune and play it open the E is lower than it should be. It also happens on the 5th and 4th string, but its not as bad. I changed the strings yesterday and that didn't help almost at all... Could someone help? Thanks.
Sounds like the intonation is off. With the guitar in tune, play each string at the 12th fret, see what you get. They should be the same note.
Intonation is off, adjust the truss rod if you can. If you are still having problems take it to a shop.
When in tune, all tones are of on 12th fret, I just noticed that the neck is slightly bent upward and twisted, I cant find any screw which I can adjust the rod. I guess it will be expensive to repair it in the shop... But thanks anyway .
Do yourself a favor, leave the truss rod alone. It costs bugger all to get it fixed at your local music shop. Cheers
don't adjust the truss rod. that won't fix your problem at all. just take your guitar to a tech or luthier and find out what he will charge to intonate your guitar.
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