i have a fender 1963 concert (4x10") that has been badly injured in a car crash. the electronics seem fine apart from a smashed valve which is easily replaceable. however, the amp uses american voltage and theres a big transformer that sat in the back of the amp that came loose and dented the two lower speakers (the metal casing of the speakers are dented). the woodwork needs some reinforcing but that is the least of my worries. ive taken the amp apart and turned it on, the LED comes on and the electrics seem to be working fine.

my main concern are the speakers. i'm not sure what needs replacing. i can post pictures if necessary but are there any good articles online regarding this kind of damage that could help me?

i realise the amp will never sound the same again, but i'm determined to get it in some sort of working shape, i'm prepared to spend whatever money necessary to replace parts. luckily the other drivers insurance will compensate me fully for the amp damage which gives me the opportunity to look for a replacement amp. i really want to get this amp back working so any help would be great. if anyone has any knowledge of fender speakers please let me know what to look for

Obligatory safety warning, messing around inside the amp could literally kill you even with the power turned off, etc. etc.

Speakers are generally sold as units, so for the speakers you'll just have to replace the two completely if they're not working as desired. Have you actually tried it yet?
try to hook your amp up to an auxilary cabinet and see if it functions properly (if you have a speaker output, that is) that way youll see if it is just the speakers that are broken/malfunctioning and put some pics up, im curious about the current state
hope it helps
i plugged the speakers in but im missing a valve, i got no sound through. im ordering a new valve today so when it arrives i'll use a friends external speaker to test the electronics. i just realised i think the standby switch has gone floppy so theres another small problem that needs fixing. i'll post some pictures when i get the chance but at the moment im just reinforcing the wooden exterior.

if i plugged these speakers as an external speaker in another amp, in theory would this work just to test the speakers?