I'm a vocalist, mainly do most types of harsh vocals. So the project can be anything suited for that vocal style, black metal, death metal, grindcore or whatever subgenre. This project would be for fun and experience.
Ideally I'd need a guitarist/bassist and a drummer or programmer. Also a keyboardist is welcome too. So yeah, please reply if interested and if you actually have the time for this. lml
hey, guitarist here. mainly into black/progressive metal like Emperor and Enslaved.

do you have material you want to bring to this? i tend to get protective of ideas i've written all by myself so i'd probably be working on new stuff or contributing to existing ideas.
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Like melodic, black, death, symphonic, and/or avant-garde metal? Want to collaborate? Message me!
I play bass, but writing isn't my strong suit. If someone writes a guitar part, I can generally write something though.
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