I have a LR Baggs M1 active installed on my guitar. I like it quite a bit except its not picking up the 5th fret harmonic. I'm trying to record a song and its pretty annoying. It's picking up 7th fret harmonics fine. Anyone know what's up or how I can fix this problem. (It's not a playing issue)
Well since 7th fret is fine, did you know that 5th harmonic on the E string is the same as the 7th harmonic on the A string, same for all other strings going up except for G and B. That's an old technique we use for tuning guitars without a tuner, but it should work perfect for the song and solves your dilemma.
Haha ya I know that man, but that won't work in this situation, plus what I'm asking is why doesn't the pickup pick it up, know what I mean
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