I currently have a Dimarzio D-Sonic in the bridge and an Air Norton in the neck of my Ibanez S520EX, which is a Mahogany guitar. I play a lot of progressive metal and thrash metal music and run it through a Mesa Boogie Mark V and an Eleven Rack processor and on either I noticed that it is very very muddy/muffled sounding. I opened it up and the pots are good and everything is grounded and connected right, so I know its pretty much the D-Sonic in the bridge since I play in Standard and Eb most often and its more suited for some more dropped tuned stuff.

I was going try the Liquifire/Crunch Lab combo or mix it up a little and do the Liquifire/D-Activator (or D-Activator X) combo to get more clarity, but I've never tried Duncans. I can actually get my hands on some locally on my next few days off so I thought I may have an open mind and give them a shot.

Does anyone recommend any sort of Duncan combo over Dimarzio's for the type of music I play?
They both make some great pickups, but some are dogs in the wrong guitar, that's for sure. After years of pickup searching, I think Duncans sound a tad better overall. I can't recommend the D. Distortion enough for metal music in the bridge though. To liven up a muddy neck humbucker I'd definitely try a Stag Mag. I'm extremely happy with this setup in one of my axes. It is the right combination of bright and chunky if that sounds good to you. A coil tap for both is great for cleaner tones too and recommended.
Given your complaint about muddiness, I thought of these:


The Chisel can be used in the neck or bridge, the Anvil is probably best in the bridge only.
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Muddy? How high up is the bridge pickup? Have you tried lowering it? And what gauge strings are you using? I love the d-activator in my s470 in Eb using .10s.
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