I'm not very guitar tech savvy and I'm just looking for something simple.

Just looking for a program that I can record my guitar over backing tracks with, something simple, easy to use and preferably free.
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Also, what kind of cable would I need to use to be able to hook up my guitar to my Macbook?

thanks for the responses!
"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not."

~ Kurt Cobain ~
Audacity is a great free plugin I used it a bunch before I got a copy of FL Studio for a great bargain, not sure why it was run down, maybe the free version blows but I think I have the Developers Edition and it works great seems to run all my VST programs really well. I cant help you much on the MAC hookup however as I am a PC guy but I have heard of some weird ways people have done it with MACs using GarageBand or something like that but for my PC I had to get a proper interface that would take the guitar signal and convert it to a useable signal without the need of an amp, cabs or mics. I use the same interface (ART Tube MP Project Series USB) its really basic cost like $90 and can take any instrument that uses a 1/4 cable or it has one XLR input for a mic or as I mostly use it for...the DI output of my Tubemiester.
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This is probably a better question for the Recordings subforum. Ask there, but I suspect they'll echo what's already been said in the thread
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You're using a mac? Garageband should already be installed on your computer. This is a software programme that will let you record. (These kinds of programmes are called Digital Audio Workstations or a DAW). Garageband will do exactly what you want. You just need to figure out a way to get your guitar into your computer. An audio interface is usually required. You may be able to plug in directly I don't know???

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Reaper ISN'T free... just an fyi. Using it past it's trail is still illegal... they just don't force the thing to shut down because it doesn't help anyone.
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Try Amplitube Free - the standalone version has a nice little 4-track recorder built in so you can record over backing tracks. If you're planning to use virtual amps to get your guitar tone, that's the easiest way of doing it.