I'm sure this is the least original thread ever made, but it seems fun. Let's just discuss gear that we hope/plan to buy in the future and why we like said gear.

For me, my list includes a Dimarzio X2N and Humbucker From Hell for my Epiphone Explorer, possibly get that thing scalloped, a cheaper mexican/japanese stratocaster to throw some Eric Johnson Dimarzios into, an Eric Johnson Fuzz Face, a Boss Chorus and Delay pedal and I'm not too sure about an amp, I'd like some kind of Fender-esque amp with great cleans that can overdrive as well, even if it's just with a pedal. A volume/wah pedal is at the bottom of the list, I love both, but they're not exactly essential for my playing.

I ADORE the clean sounds Eric Johnson, Steve Vai and Dickey Betts use and I TRY to get as similar as possible, I just really love melodic, beautiful guitar, though I enjoy the occasional high gain, metal stuff. It seems like the X2N would be perfect, since I also prefer a lot of treble, hell, I just took the pole pieces out of my explorers stock pickups to sound as close to single coils as possible.