NPUD: Lollar Blackface Strat Pick Ups

I've been after a nice set of Strat pick ups to replace my Texas Specials with and finally found a nice set at a good price. At the time I had my heart set on the Silders Vintage 59/SRV spec pick ups but at $330 for a set they were a little steep.

Anyway I was browsing gumtree and saw a 2010 set of Lollar Blackface pick ups for $150. So I jumped on it straight away. I just installed them on Sunday into my Squier Classic Vibe 60's Strat and wow what a difference. This is the traditional strat sound in spades. So clear and quacky yet somehow very punchy and beefy. These blow away the Texas Specials easily. There is no muddiness or mid spike, and there seems to be a lot more sustain in them to. Combined with my Deluxe Reverb I have a clean SRV tone that I just can't believe. If you ever questioned or looked into the Lollar Blackface set, seriously do yourself a favour and go get them!

Thanks all.

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Yay! Haven't even considered another Strat set since I got my Blackfaces 3 years ago.
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Yay! Haven't even considered another Strat set since I got my Blackfaces 3 years ago.

Yeah I don't think I will ever look at another set of pickups again tbh. They are that good! I know I've only had two days with them but they are just world's apart from Texas Specials and I already feel like they are keepers.