I am currently using EMG pickups inmy les paul, but I want better cleans and more of a natural sound from my guitar. I would like to have amazing, smooth cleans but also be able to achieve high(ish) gain tones.

I have been looking at the following pickups so far:

SH-11 custom

They seem to do high gain tones well in this video:


How do they compare in real life though? How are they different and how are they similar? Also how does there cleans sound? Which is the most versatile and can achieve crushing metal tones but also clean tones?

My guitar has a mahogany body and a rosewood fret board.

I'd say go for PAF pickups as they bring out the full range of these instruments.
I find Dimarzio better bang for the buck as Seymour Duncan raised their prices quite a bit.

I have PAF Joe in the bridge position in similar guitar and it is fantastic:
You can do DiMarzio PAF Pro in the bridge, or if you want more gain on the neck go for Super Distortion bridge and PAF Joe on neck.

Seymour Duncan JB neck and SH-4 bridge is really popular and you get a price break on that.

If you want more bite in the high end Duncan Invader in the bridge will work well, installed that for a friend and his Les Paul copy got an extra dose of aggression.

I have X2N in another guitar with Mahogany body and that also has an extra kick, don't need overdrive on it to push some of my amps as it is extremely high output. Playing cleans on it is not optimal though but I have maybe about 10% of cleans in a setlist so not a big deal for me.
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dont sleep on GFS pickups. i have the crunchy pat, basically the poor mans super distortion and its pretty awesome.
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I have a Seymour Duncan Jazz in the neck and J.B. in the bridge of my Parker PM20 Pro and think they both sound great. Ecspecially the J.B. It sounds amazing.
what amp btw?
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what amp btw?

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Personally I prefer the 59 over the Jazz the neck.
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are you willing to use your neck pickup for cleans and your bridge pickup for high gain?
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Personally I prefer the 59 over the Jazz the neck.


Jb/59 or a custom/59 is what I would go with.
Duncan Custom bridge, '59 neck.

JB in Les Pauls: nah.
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