I cant figure out the problem. I tried googling it . Nothing . Hoping one of you guys can help. Ok so on the ninth fret on the 2nd string (treble side) ill do a vibrato and a weird staticy-buzzing sound chokes it out . :/ . When i just sustain it its still there but not nearly as much . It also happens on the 12 13 14 frets ive noticed. Espicaly when i do a hammer on on the light e string at frets 13 and 14 . But it even happens on the bass side. I espicaly noticed this by playing smooth by santana. I tried raising the bridge didnt really help. Tried lowering the pickup a tad . Still didnt fix it. Tried dicking around with the volume and tone nobe it helped a lil when the guitars volume was near rock bottom. But even then it was still noticeable. So idk what to do to fix it -_-. Ive had this problem ever since i bought the thing but now its getting very irratiting. I cant play the intro or solo to nightmare with out sounding like shit .
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