Hey guys/girls I was wondering how you get all the cables and pedals/foot switches that aren't on a board to and from gigs safely and efficiently. Right now I have my PT1 in it's case along with two instrument cables, surge protector and extension cords/ac cords. It works and the case locks but it's crammed and too messy no matter how I organize it.

Every thing is labelled so it's obvious who it belongs to but I'm still a bit paranoid of where I store it. I've seen people use backpacks but those are easy to snag off the ground or in the room with all the gear. I was thinking maybe a small tool box with a combination lock on it? I'd love some input and suggestions!
i use bags. i use old t-shirts to wrap up my pedals sometimes too.

i also label most of my gear.
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My new board has enough room to store all my cables ontop of my pedals.

Before I had this boards, I just bought one of those metal suitcase type tool boxes from walmart for like $15. It was pretty sturdy, and can hold quite a few extra cables/pedals.
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I used backpack for years, and it worked fine. Now I have a pedal board I made, but I keep it in a Gator mixer case I have had (my mixer died last year) and it works great. It also holds all my cables, extension cord, and screwdrivers/wrenches.

I keep an eye on my equipment, or we will take turns sitting with it. I bring the minimum amount of gear I have to, to gig.

I leave guitars in my vehicle until I am getting ready to play at certain venues.
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Army surplus dufflel bags are a great way to transport pedals, cables and snakes. They are cheap, come in some pretty large sizes and are built of very heavy-duty materials. As for binding cables, velcro strips are the best, but you can use plain old twine to do it. Snakes should have their own take-up wheel if they are long enough. Otherwise, use the same stuff you use on the thinner cables and such.
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