I got a mac so I put two n two together so i figure the Itrack interface would be good.... am I wrong? your opinion on it or should I go for something different?
Well, it comes with what seems to be a cheaper version of the Scarlett, which we typically recommend, and you already have GarageBand, which is an okay starting DAW. Looks okay to me, but you might want to wait for some other opinions first.
Mediocre cheap mic, mediocre cheap headphones, small basic interface.

Nah, just get a regular interface, unless you're desperate to do some location recording using an iPad instead of a real grown-up computer.

EDIT: It also costs £200? Yeah, **** that.

What do you want to record?
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If you don't already own any recording equipment, that seems to me like a pretty solid choice.

If you already own say a microphone, you may want to consider buying the Scarlett 2i2, or 2i4 if you need to record directly any high impedance instrument and/or need a midi interface too.
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It costs £200? Yeah, screw that.

You'd be better off building your own bundle with higher quality components.

For under £200 (price of that bundle) you could get:

There are plenty of alternative setups (eg. a Focusrite 2i2 instead of the Steinberg, maybe a Studio Projects or MXL mic, etc etc), but to me that setup is the most bang for the buck you can get for £200.

If you're mostly recording electric guitar, swap the condenser mic for a handheld dynamic like the Audix i5, Shure SM57 or Blue 100i.