My guitar's just an HSS strat that I built, and when I started playing it, it sounded great, but I've been playing for well over 4 years now, and it's only a few months ago that I noticed there was a slight buzzing noise coming from the general area of the bridge whenever I plucked the D, G, B, and occasionally the A, strings. I think it's got somthing to do with the bridge or something near there that's going wrong. Any tips or ideas?
Sounds like you probably just have a loose screw on one or more of your saddles for adjusting the action (height) of your strings. I'm assuming you have a vintage style trem with the 2 screws on the top of each saddle. Just make sure they are all snugged down very lightly, they sometimes work themselves loose. It will only be one of the two on the saddles loose. When they get loose they will rattle/buzz like crazy. Hope this helps you out