So, I've played acoustics for a while (I'm pretty good at fingerpicking), and I'd like to try something new, so I'm buying an electric (only touched electrics like 3 times before in my life). I've been looking around the used market, and found 3 guitars that seem the most promising.

An Ibanez RGA42-BK (1500 SEK, £150),
An Epiphone Les Paul Special II (1800 SEK, £180),
A J&D YC-EG3 (1599 SEK, £160).

So, my questions:
Are these guitars any good, or would I be better off getting something different altogether?
Is the YC-EG3's tremolo gonna cause more problems than it's worth?
Which guitar is the most versatile? I like almost every genre of music.
Which guitar would you suggest I'd buy?

You'll have to try them out in person, or head down to a guitar shop and try similar ones. Those are 3 very different styles of guitars.
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Spend the extra for the Les Paul Studio if you can, anything below is just a money trap with a fancy name.
Yuck - at least the first 2, haven't heard of the third. Save your money until you play the one you just can't live without. I wish I had that advice when I started and it took me 3 guitars bought online to make me promise myself I would NEVER buy a guitar without playing it first. I did buy a '61 LP Special Reissue lefty after that, but she turned out to be a keeper after a little love went into her.

A Fender Strat is always a good choice for the money. But I may be biased.
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If you want versatility, skip the RGA, it's got actives, and quite shitty ones.
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