I'm looking for a cheap acoustic guitar that is going to play well. I want the action to be fairly low and stay there over time. I've had guitars in the past where the action starts low and just continues to get worse as time goes on. This guitar would be used for playing outside. Pretty much looking for a beater. I have a Taylor 210 that I'm happy with but don't wont to take it outside. I would like to spend $200 or less but understand that options are limited. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Consider an Ovation... Despite not being the nicest acoustic sound, they sound OK through a system and have a long reputation for being bulletproof.

Any all-wood acoustic is responsive to the vagaries of humidity and temperature... It's the nature of the beast. You can either fight that by keeping the instrument humidified and in it's case except when being played and as much as possible in temperature-controlled situations.....

Or you can buy something really stout. Dunno how much you want to spend, but the all-carbon-fiber Rainsong guitars would be pretty immune to this sort of thing.
On the cheaper end, a well-built plywood (laminate) is pretty stable....
Just pick up an all laminated acoustic. They are pretty much bullet proof. I have an old Epiphone AJ100 that I paid about £80 for 10 years ago. It goes on holiday with me every year, goes to the beach and festivals and it still plays fine. Action is low and, whilst it will never sound as good as your Taylor, it's brilliant for just throwing in the boot of the car and heading off.
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while all laminate guitars are a bit more stable, i've seen several all laminate guitars that cracked from dryness. also any guitar that gets too hot is going to have the glue soften, allowing the wood to creep slightly, so no matter what guitar you get, if you let it sit with the sun on it or leave it in a hot car, expect you may have problems.

i'd suggest the yamaha F335 (all lam) or the FG700 (solid top), both of which are within your budget. yamaha makes the best budget guitars i've seen, with good tone, build quality and finishes.
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Thanks guys. I won't be leaving it in the car or in the sun so I should be good with one of those.
Guitars are low maintenance if you know how to maintain them, research your local weather and humidity in relation to guitar maintenance. Guitars are wood so they will be affected by moisture levels, nothing you can do about it, might as well learn to take care of them, it's easy.