The title says it all. I will be using Reaper for recordings, and I'd like to know which software will be better for drum tracks (or any other alternative you might have)

Please do state a reason for your suggestion, as I'm only beginning to record and would like to use the best possible option. And yes, I'm broke, so I cannot buy any software such as Superior or EZ Drummer, for now.

Thanks in advance!
Sound wise Drummica > Hydrogen. But I would usually prefer to program the drums in Hydrogen and export the MIDI, then import it into REAPER and use Drummica to play it.

Write your drum track in hydrogen, export as MIDI, load that into Reaper and you're good to go. Use Reaper's 'humanise' function to add a little more variety between notes.

My mate self-recorded some instrumental tracks recently (actually did an alright job considering he only had a C01U and Audacity!) but the drum machine he used sounded bloody awful.

I wrote a basic drum part in Hydrogen, rendered it with Drummica in REAPER and thew it over the top (no mixing, just a tweaked Drummica preset): http://rightontime.vilayer.me/CWRECORDS/Opiate2.mp3