Hi guys, I'll try and make this as short as possible.

I have a 6505 through a 1960AV cab. I have a pedalboard that has pedals both in front of the amp and in the effects loop.

I was getting quite a lot of buzz (even when the guitar was not plugged in) so I did some troubleshooting.

If I bypass the effects loop then the buzzing goes away completely.

I assumed this meant I had a dodgy cable somewhere, so I took both cables and plugged them straight from FX send to FX return, reactivated the FX loop and there was no buzz, which I assume means the issue does not lie with the cables.

I then took one of my pedals and plugged the FX send and return into it, so that it was the only thing in the loop. This gave me buzzing, and I would have thought I had found the problem (the pedal), but the pedal was unplugged from my power supply and so shouldn't have affected the sound at all.

The really weird bit here is I then picked up the pedal, with no power and still plugged into FX send/return, and walked across the room with it. The buzzing changed in volume and at times went away completely.

Can anyone explain to me what is going on? It appears that my amp doesn't like my pedalboard being in some parts of the room.

EDIT: Ok after a bit more experimenting, the buzz appears to go down when I move the FX send and return cables away from each other. Does this make any sense?
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I'm wondering if you have a ground loop problem. I have the almost exact same problem but I've traced mine down to a crappy power supply for the pedalboard (its brand new and the one that skb supplies but wont work right I've sent it back twice.) same amp, cab as you with an SKB petalboard. When I used my guitarists powersupply the sound went away.

BUT I also lessened some of the buzz by de-soldering the ground connection on the send and return cables (amp side) this lifts the ground at that point so you're not double grounding anything. Sounds crazy to intentionally "break" a cable but it works.
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Sounds to be like maybe one or both of your cables aren't shielded well and they are picking up interference. Can you try a different brand or higher quality cables and do that last test again?

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