The audio mix is really bad, your guitar is way to loud, and there is next to no lows or mids in the whole track. The playing isnt to bad but at the same time its kind of muddy. Nice work but keep practicing and working on your mixing.

c4c https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1611152
Yeah I haven't got backing track for this song so I had problem mixing the volume of my amp with the song in my speakers. But tnx for watching
There's a program called reaper. There's a program called Video Pad (both free). Record your video, then use Video pad to separate the audio from the video as a new file. Load that plus the original audio or backing track into reaper, where you can sync and adjust volume, eq, and reverb.

i use original audio all the time and do this. When ya do it right it comes out well. Lots of other users on here to that as well.

I'm just here to help as much as possible. You played well and you can see the effort and the skills you have. These are just mixing and mastering issues.. How many videos have you done?
Tnx mate I will sure try that program. I have some few guitar videos on my youtube channel but I deleted them beacuse of low quailty. This is my first and starting soon doing lots of more.