Hi folks, i'm from Brazil and I'll be tripping to USA in october, at Danbury CT.

Im looking for a fender telecaster american deluxe olympic pearl, maple neck and fretboard, with the new noiseless single coil pickups.(N3 its the brand name i guess)

Just to make things easier:

Budget - limit U$ 2000
Playing Style - Rock, Soft Rock and Indie
Favorite artists - John Mayer, John Petrucci, Jimmi Hendrix, QOSA, black keys, daivd gilmour, and others.
NEW guitar
Location - anywhere close from Connecticut (up to 500miles away)
Current Gear - Peavey Vyper 30w amp (amp ill be my next acquisition), Boss DD7, BD2,CS3, Cry baby dunlop, Fuzz Face JHF1. I dont want to talk about my current guitar, but its a poor strato.

Features from my wish list about the new guitar:
0.011 strings.
thin neck (c-shape or v, the most confortable possible)
compound fingerboard radius
medium jumbo or jumbo frets (most easy/confortable possible to bend)

I've just made some research about what model should i buy, and the first option that i trully found amazing was that fender telecaster that a mentioned above, but im not totally sure. Stratocaster and Gibson SG still makes me feel amazed with their tones (based on youtube reviews).

The big question for now, it's where can i found these kind of guitars for a try out, cause id never play on some of those before.

I'd found those interesting stores:
Rudy Music SoHo - NY
Guitar Centers, NstuffMusic

My matches for now:
guitarcenter. com/Fender-American-Deluxe-Stratocaster-Electric-Guitar-105917637-i1519072.gc

guitarcenter. com/Fender-American-Deluxe-Telecaster-Electric-Guitar-106061039-i1519098.gc

(remove de space and add www at the beginnig should work)

hope you guys can help me! Thanks a lot!
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You're on the right track, If you're headed into NYC anyways definitely stop by Rudy's (Manny's and Sam Ash are right there too).

The GC in Danbury is ok, but I prefer the one in Orange, CT. You should also check out the Guitar Hanger in Brookfield, CT. Smaller store but it has a great selection and some nice high end stuff.
Thanks man!

Ill find the most complete store to test much equipment i can. after this ill worry about prices, delivery and acessories. I will buy some pedals and microphones too, so i will ask for a good discount.

I really dont know the reality of this stores from US, and how big are their billings. But here in Brazil, if you come to a Store and says you will spend 3 thousand bucks (almost 6k brazilian REAIS) probably the manager/owner will take care of you personally, offering a dinner.