Hi all, I am selling my mint, beautiful Fender Strat that It is based on a popular David Gilmour build with a few tweaks. This is a very special guitar with amazing tone and tons of great mods:

Fatback Warmoth neck, 1 3/4 Tusq XL nut
Vintage Fender tuners
Hand Tinted maple/maple 21 fret neck
Genuine Fender Brown Burst Body
SD SSL-5 / CS 69 / CS Fat 50 pickups
Vintage lime green pick guard
Independent on/off toggle for neck pickup
Treble bleed cap circuit
Dual orange drop caps, one for each tone pot for tone blending
All high quality wiring
Copper shielded control cavity

This guitar is about as quiet as you can get a single coil guitar. In outstanding shape both cosmetically and sonically.

Nothing on this guitar is more than 9 months old, from the neck and body down to each wire.

The black diamond emblem on the headstock was strategically placed to cover a small blemish (small string tree hole) made by yours truly I've yet to remove is as i have kind of grown to like it.

This is probably the best build I have done in some years. I am very proud of it, and I want someone to enjoy it. I am ready to move on to my next project.

This cost me over 1100 to build, not counting labor.

I am looking for a Solid/Semi Gretsch or an entry level LP in trade. email me at donaldtcook at yahoo.