After taking some advice from comments on my previous songs, I wrote this, hope you like it!
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Pretty cool, very cool actually. It's got a very nice kind of "evil carnival" sound to it. Only, I personally don't like the bits where it's just straigt-forward eight notes (the guitars). Bores me a little. All solos and lead pieces are pretty ****ing (go ahead and censor me, UG) well-written. The pieces with only piano and acoustic guitar are also very cool and "darkish". Overall, pretty damn good.
Thanks a lot, I think I've done well thinking outside of the box and taking out all those tempo changes and unnecessary riffs. The parts you are talking about would be the choruses, but I could change the strumming pattern, of course. Also, been listening to some classical music this morning before I finished it, so it might have been an important factor lol
The ballad on the piano is just lovely. It reminds me the universe of Tim Burton where a character meets it's lover. The harmonies on the lead guitars are perfect. I'm amazed. It's heavy and dark without having to use blast beats and overly dropped guitars. If this song was a woman it would be a georgous woman 0_0
Thank you so much! That was more or less what I was trying to approach, something that is dark but soft at the same time without getting out of my schemes.
I really enjoyed it, bud! It had this dark, heavy yet soft feeling to it. The piano "melody" during what appears to be the chorus is amazing while the straight 8th notes seem to take from it a bit. Also, it transitioned well to each new section and each part complimented each other.

Overall, it's a really great song. Most metal (extremer metal) just seems to be fast "blast-beats" and 16th note guitar riffs. That's why I don't listen to much metal since it's musically boring to me and I'm not fond of (and kind of scared by ) growling vocals. This, however, is a great song and very interesting. I'll have to keep an eye out for your other songs. And are you going to record this? That'll be awesome!
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Nice and chilly metal song and has some dark, evil, night, magical feeling innit. Nice melodies and soloes. And quite slow. No tremolo picking or fast double bass. You focus more on atmosphere than the groove. And I'm not saying it's bad. You do nice soloes too. Your drum groove is quite nice (tough the drums are quite easy, chilly and slow), and everything else is quite solid.

Maybe you could improve some things in your songs. In my opinion:
1. Ending was quite boring..
2. More living bass lines could make the song more intresting to play and listen.
3. 8th notes on guitar starts to be little bit boring on the backround.

However satisfying work, 7/10.
I really liked the vibe on this song, it's quite dark but chill at the same time. It has a nice groove too, though the bass is a bit too basic in some places. The drums seem pretty well composed to me too. Awesome piano melodies, I would have like to see more of them (or variations on the main riff). Only the ending was a bit unsatisfying to me, it deserved something a bit more explored, maybe some piano melodies finishing it off.

Overall pretty solid song, enjoyed it a lot.

Could you crit my latest song, Wake ?
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Yeah, I definitely aimed more for the atmosphere and imagery than the groove itself, and I think it came out well more or less. I will work on those suggestions you gave me, thanks for commenting!


Thank you too for the kind words. I would like to make the ending a little more natural, but somehow I forced it like that and I don't know how to extend it now :P
Of course, I will check it out right now!