Hey guys. I just got a Vox AC30 and it sounds great... but I want to get a heavier type tone out of it for some songs. Something thick that wont sound too fuzzy or nasally. Any suggestions?
When I want heavier tones, I just throw my MXR ZW-44 OD infront of it. I'm able to actually get some pretty sweet metal tones this way.

Any tubescreamer type od should be able to the job. A cheap solution would be one of the Joyo products. I havent tried them myself, but I have heard good things.
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I just sold my AC15c1. I used a whiteface reissue Rat or my early 90s Rat with it, but I'm sure one of the new Rats would do. From what I've read it's a pretty common combination with the AC amps.. It sounded phenomenal through the Vox circuit. It can go from a gritty boost to a thick, meaty cranked Marshall to fuzz and do them all pretty well.. Not to mention the in between tones you can get with it.
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a distortion might be a better plan. I don't have an ac30, but i have a genz benz black pearl (which is ac30-ish) and it really needs a distortion to get there. A rat^ is a good call. the mooer black secret is pretty nice as it's more or less a normal and a turbo rat in one. though i'm sure you can get nicer rats if you're willing to spend more.

Lots of other distortions sound pretty good with it, too. Just basically you want something that's not too middy (and most distortions aren't).

a tubescreamer would likely be too nasally. A more transparent od like a timmy would work, though, if you don't need too much more dirt.
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if you have a lot of money, I can't say enough good things about the T-REX mudhoney II


It's two simple straightforward awesome sounding distortions in one pedal. You can go from light overdrive to balls to the wall distortion. Since you're actually buying two pedals, you can set one as light OD and one with the boost feature engaged.

I have an AC30 as well and I don't need any other distortion pedals
Just crank the top boost channel, all of Raw Power by the Stooges was an ac30 with no pedals
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