What do you guys think of a 59/Custom Hybrid with an A8 magnet in single pickup guitar? How versatile will that pickup be, and what genres can it handle?

Thank You!!!
It will be able to play as much as the player who wields it can manage, and no more.

The Kramer Baretta was never intended to be versatile. It is not intended to cover a lot of sonic territory. It is intended to play copious amounts of hard rock and metal. You'll need Spandex and lots of Aquanet to coax the best tones out of it, but you will be rewarded for your efforts with harmonics and facial expressions to give Helen Keller pause. SRV covers are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. No Stairway. Denied....

Moving on... A new pickup is not going to change this guitar's mission too drastically. I own a single hum, Floyd equipped Kramer. I have tried several pickups in it ( Duncan JB, Blackout, and Screamin' Demon) and all have given it a subtly different tone, but none have turned water into wine. Similarly, a Duncan Zephyr wound in Unobtainium with unicorn horn pole pieces isn't going to make this thing a great choice for playing Riviera Paradise or Blues at Sunrise. It isn't (wasn't) designed for that. And, to be perfectly honest, by trying to make it more versatile you're only going to make it mediocre at everything, rather than awesome at what it was made for.

My advice is this: If you want a versatile guitar, BUY ONE. This ain't it.
Its not for the '84, I am not getting that its for a Warmoth build that i am doing. I just dig the single pup it simple and that's how i like it. I know Versatility is the player not the guitar for example i have seen Marty Friedman play blues on his single pup Kelly. All i was asking is hows the pickup with A8, because from what i read it handles everything.
Quote by 4FunandProphet
It will be able to play as much as the player who wields it can manage, and no more.

/thread. Question is ridiculous, the very premise of the question is ridiculous.

You can play anything with anything. The only thing that matters is if it gives you a sound that you like, and the questions you asked don't lead to answers that revolve around that concept.

A good question would be "how does it sound in comparison to other pickups". Unfortunately, I doubt any one on this forum could tell you. You could/should ask on the Seymour Duncan forums, as they're big into magnet swapping over there.
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You better ask stuff like that at the Seymour Duncan forum.
I doubt many of the guys here are swapping magnets or modifying their pickups anyway.
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