I've been trying to replace a chipped nut on my Gibson SG...no matter what nut I use, it's too low to keep the strings from buzzing really really badly on the first fret (this is without me filing anything off the bottom). With some gentle truss rod action, I've been able to fix this problem on the bass side, but I'm not getting any results on the treble side. I don't have $90 for a guitar tech to do this - I've dealt with nuts, truss rods and set up on my own on Fender Strats and Epiphones to my satisfaction before, but I'm totally stumped on this one.
Where and what type of nut did you get?

You can get blank nuts that you do everything to.
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Pre-cut AllParts graphite and tusq nuts from a local music store. I don't have $135 for all the files it takes to cut a blank nut.
take it to a tech and have them do it.
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Quote by romeozdistress
take it to a tech and have them do it.

That would be my first option, but as I pointed out in my first post, I don't have the money for that.
If it's too low, it's too low. Get a scrap (no more than a sliver, really) of good hardwood (walnut, rock maple, mahogany, etc) from a local cabinet shop and make a shim to go under the nut. File it till you get the appropriate height and then glue it in with the nut (wood glue, not super glue).